Friday, August 16, 2013

Busy, busy, busy

This week: cut and rolled chain link we pulled out of the paddock. Gave away everything we could to whomever would take it and then gifted the left-overs from garage sale to Savers.

Stripped, sanded, stained and primed more 12"kickboard and doors. Worked on reviews.

Took our yearly haul of trash to the city dump. $32 for a family of 6/5. One suburban + 1 small trailer worth of trash, for the year. We burn and compost the rest, buy in bulk and local and frankly, really like the idea of leaving a small environmental footprint. I'm thinking of starting a blog: The Crunchy Con Chronicles, just to find other Crunchy Cons to celebrate the little things with. Whaddya' think?

From my blogger buddy Marcy; a great list of advice on how Decreasing your stress in the new homeschool year


The 4 Best Days of Summer happened this week; The longest running county fair in the Territories. Our state has just over 1/2 million inhabitants. 100,000 show up for our little county fair. Which rocks. Flower's name was picked in the free kitties drawing (actually mine was- she put every one's name in about 5 times). She was one happy fair going girl!
Reading Never Give In; The Extraordinary Character of Winston Churchill by George Grant this week. Love George Grant. Love Churchill. And yes, I love reading.

Ana White | Build a Vintage X Back Step Stool End Table | Free and Easy DIY Project and Furniture Plans
Ana White Knockoff Wood
This might have to happen. Right after we finish the trim and paint the basement floor.
Speaking of doors- we have a few extras, complete with solid brass handles and I'm loving the look of this:
Love it - doors that go nowhere but are still very useful!
I even have a GREAT place for it to go.
How'd your week go?
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