Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tis the Season

... for suicidal deer and Christmas Trees...

Our annual trek to the tree cutting farm started with a false start the day before. They closed just before we got there, no thanks to being within spitting distant of Iowa. On the way home a suicidal Odocoileus virginianus jumped in front of the car resulting in a dead deer and $495 car damage. Great timing, right. So much for the table saw and several Xmas presents. Paying cash is a great way to live. Mostly. On the positive side, a friend of mine went to a co-workers funeral- killed by swerving out of the way of a deer- just last week. I figure body work on the car is cheaper than a funeral. And much less hard on everybody. Thank God for His protection from testosterone crazed deer!

Anyway, Feeche's grimace, above, is in response to the lack of selection for sale (the selection was great, it's just most of the trees weren't actually for sale- what?!). The trees that were for sale were over $50. What?! We decided to do one more go around before heading to Get -n-Go for a $20 Tree.

My "location" in case ya don't know is "Where the cold wind blows." There is a reason for this. The wind blows here, a lot,  and it is wicked cold when it does. KB and I going for the Russian peasant look (no offense to Russian's, or peasants!)

We did find a tree, in the back of the lot, well away from Iowa, I'm talking the back.of.the lot. for much less than $50. Still, if you add in the $495 for the car repair, this is the most expensive tree we've ever purchased.
We've picked the tree. Everyone agrees it's the one.
This is the point where I abandon my husband. For one, he sweats when it's cold out, due to the many, many layers he wears, and his amazing metabolism . I get cold in, say, mid-October and slightly thaw in May. Around August I'm fully thawed, if I work out, or weed in mid-day sun, on days when it's 80 or 90 degree weather wearing a sweatshirt. So, really, the only reason that we cut a tree every year, rather than just cutting one of construction paper in the safety, and warmth of our own home, is that he likes cold weather. Seriously. Strange man.

The tree fought back, but the Prussian won. WooHaw. Saw a delightful Xmas film called Silent Night, set during WWII where German and American soldiers end up eating Christmas dinner together. The one guy says, "So you're German, right." The Paul Barnes (friend from college) look-alike proudly and properly corrects him, "Prussian actually." Ya have to know my dh to know just how funny this is. He's Prussian, btw.

Freshly back from the big, bad warm and temperate city of Atlanta. I said, "no gang signs" (just like Robert Downy Jr. in Iron Man I, right) but they totally blew me off.

Christmas Cuties. Ready to go home to hot-chocolate, Christmas carols (after all these years, A Charlie Brown's Xmas is stilla fav! Thank-you, Laura!) and trashing decorating the house.

Cub got into the holiday spirit by decorating the kissing ball. Do you see the Xmas themed bionicle lurching out of the symbol of love? (Disregard the mess. The kids were trashing decorating the house!)

Is your tree up? Link pics ; )


Lillian said...

Looks like a fun day. The great hunter got the tree and the great bargain hunter found just the right one!!

Thanks for not showing the deer. (Yes I have a friend who hit a deer and put a picture of it on her blog AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGG).

As for me, I am allergic to evergreens. So our tree hunting is limited to the attic for the artificial one. I'm also allergic to the cold. Like you it takes me a long time to thaw out from the winter. I really need to get to a warm clime. Not this bipolar one called MO.

Tully Family said...

I'm glad you all are safe but WOW- that's an expensive tree!

Cara said...

Bodywork is indeed cheaper than a funeral.

Good luck finally finding a tree. :) Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

How much fun!! I would love to drive out to a tree farm. Sadly, here in the south most people just pick up a tree from Home Depot or in front of the grocery store. You lose a bit of the Christmas spirit that way.