Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Relatives Came   [RELATIVES CAME] [Paperback]
The Relatives Came is a delightful book that we've read for years and I am reminded of every time we get a visit from family. This week Grandma, Grandpa, Cousin Dan and Miss R came on their way to and from other family get-togethers. They were happy to pitch in and help with the house.

It's amazing what gets done with a larger work-force. Today we got the decrepit front fence down, finished mudding the laundry room and got that 1/2 painted, got the light fixture in the dining room installed, sanded a bedroom, drywalled and mudded 2 large holes in the upstairs landing, switched the refrigerator door handle, addressed the frig leak, hauled the dead freezer up from the basement and re-organized the kitchen.

We lurve our power tools!
Refrigerator doors are surprisingly cumbersome! This was a 2-boy, 1 Grandma job!

Builder Bob

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