Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Techno Terror

I've delved into yet another branch of technology- that of the tweet. I now twitter (see side-bar). Well, sort of. To be accurate, I've signed up for twitter. I'm not sure how much tweeting I'll be doing cause I still have to figure it all out.

I always have this pit of my stomach terror whenever I stumble into a new area of technology. Probably cause I'm the least likely candidate for techno-geek status. I was tentative 2 years ago when I started this blog and now I love.love.love blogging. And I was hesistant when I opened a Facebook account. I don't love FB, but I seriously like Facebook. We've gotten in touch with old friends and kept in closer contact with others, shared pictures and had just one more venue to keep connected with our own family.
So, now I'm tweeting. I figured it was the next step in overcoming my techno-terror.

Fyi for the rest of you that do and are interested in homeschooling:  Join the Home School Village on Wed. 9pm est for a twitter chat #askhsv Ask our panel your homeschool questions, meet other homeschoolers & special guest Amy Welch Stults co-founder Heart of the Matter Online !


Deanna said...

You have ventured into an arena that I have dared not. Kudos to you!

April said...

Hi Amy,

I'm nervous too - just signed up for Twitter. I guess we'll both be commenting on the HSV tonight. :-) Glad to be blogging with you!


Rebecca (me!) said...

Can't wait to be a part of the HSV with you over the next few weeks! I am following you now!!

LaughingLioness said...

Good to know I'm not alone in my anxiety-lol!! I'll "look" for ya'll tonight!