Monday, September 13, 2010

Resting in the Familiar

We started. School that is. Farther into the year than normal for us but it's not been a normal year.
I decided earlier that I was going to get back to basics since it seems like everything old is new again on so many different levels of our lives.

We joined a co-op that we'd been part of years ago, before the many that we generated. Friday was the first day and it was wonderful. I was assigned study hall but had no students and chatted with other moms all morning, many of whom I've known for several years now. It was great to catch us with folks, met new ones and marvel at how much all of our kids have grown.

And this morning. We gathered in the dining room and read the Bible outloud. We started with John. The kids have John 1-7 memorized in both Latin and English and recited it together. We marveled at the connectedness of community amongst the disciples- the familial and village relationships of those called. I've often wondered at what mighty Rabbi taught them, or what grandmother or grandfather instilled holy devotion in so many.

Then math and geography and lunch. And reading and preparing for academic classes which start tomorrow.

It felt almost normal. Almost. My bed is still in the living room and there is butcher paper on the floor. Yards of trim are still waiting to be permanently attached. We are still sorting things like how to manage the trash and food storage and books that we'll be using. But the familiar that we knew- sitting together in a sunny room, the notsolittles drawing and everyone discussing and acting out a scene and making connections. Math as still math and illicited expected responses. Putting away novels in favor of Latin or grammar will never come highly recommended by my kids, but the routine of school and it's demands produced peace today.

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