Friday, February 19, 2010

Tear Down 2 Build Up #2

2nd week of house re-build. The house has been gutted down and we are now waiting on the cleaning company to soda blast the innards (just like sand blasting, but with baking soda). It will remove the remaining traces of smoke smell. Next we'll seal the frame so that if there's residual smoke lingering it won't be noticeable.
Climbing the walls where the basement stairs used to be.

The new sill.

Feche-boy looking up into what used to be the kitchen, from the basement.

The living room, stripped down to it's undergarments.

Another shot of the living room.

From the dining room, looking across the kitchen and into the basement. Our very own house cut-away.

From the dining room- you can see into the living room on the left and across the kitchen on the right. We are going to leave the wall open between the dining room and kitchen so it will really be an open floor plan.

Looking from the front door across to the dining room.
Once the blasting and sealing are done they'll put in new insulation and windows. Most of the window framing is already stripped and finished and windows are ordered. We still have design decisions to make regarding the 2nd floor and kitchen. Our contractor is not wasting any time and, despite the 15' drifts outside they are cookin' on the inside.


Redradtech said...

I am waiting for the end product then I am going to come for a visit!!!!! It will be beautiful!!!!

WildIris said...

Building...I am living in a construction zone and have been for 20 years. It doesn't look like you are. It looks cold with the coats, hats and gloves. How long will the project take? I do hope you will share pics of the finished project.


Laughing Lioness said...

I'll be posting pictures as we go and definintely when we are done!
Iris, I can hardly imagine living in a construction zone. We're blessed to be in a rental through all of this, which is good cause it has been a really cold winter!

Redradtech said...

It has been cold here too. Not like you but very cold for Dallas and we are expecting snow again this week. Last year at this time I was planting and gardening. Can't even think of it now.

MissMOE said...

Wow, I learned something new. Who knew about soda blasting? How neat! Thanks for sharing your journey through the rebuild.

Mandy in TN said...

Y'all are handling a stressful project with such joy!

Loved the cut-away shots.LOL