Monday, February 1, 2010

The Importance of Being Earnest

Hours of rehearsal, fittings and directives. Finally, the big day arrives. We get to the local university Theater and head downstairs for costumes and make-up.... Applying mascara...this won't hurt a bit....
Hamming it up, waiting for our turn at a practice run through.Miss. Prism, ready to tutor.
And finally, introducing, "The Importance of Being Earnest" (adapted from Oscar Wilde)

Earnest proposes to Gwendolyn.

Algy proposes to Cecily.

Gwendolyn and Cecily bicker - over men, no less.
Out of order, but I think you'll have to agree with me that Cecily is excessively pretty!!
You are beautiful, Shelby!!

2 E's on stage. This is the only shot I have of Cub. He did GREAT as "Lane" the man-servant!

Lady Bracknill, telling someone off, all very properly, of course.
Jack & Algernon

Best Actor & Actresses reveling in a job well-done. Jack (Feche-boy) and Lady Braknill (Miss. Megan) won awards from our play. Everyone did a fantastic job!!

4 Plays competing and 1 in a class by themselves. They won a "superior" rating and are headed off to represent homeschoolers in the State competition. Break a leg!


Miss. Elisabethh said...

Truly was an amazing weekend! I thoroughly enjoyed capturing many (funny) moments through the eye of a camera, and hope to be photography for next year as well :) Great job Mrs. Michele and Laughing Lioness!

servingHimblind said...

Maaaan... my brother is a hot hunk when he wants to be!!! Looks fun. So sorry you didn't get more pictures of 'cub' tho... he looked like he was a stud too. ;-)
Sorry my brothers are being subjugated to my college lingo... :-)Or maybe it's from hanging out with Seminarians so much...