Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I'm a Stephen Covey groupie from way back and I've loved the word
synergy for about as long- it means the whole is greater than the individual parts.

That's what's happening as we meet for The Daniel Academy. Lots of talented people, each with completely different gifts, skill sets and experience, all with the common goal of raising up our kids to become men and women to Rock.Thier.World. Yea, baby.
It's all about training our kids intellect so that they have choices. Not to be wealthy or to simply get.a.job.live.average. NO. But to be competitive at a whole.new.level.
It's all about stewarding our kids hearts so that they
know.beyond.a.shadow.of.a.doubt.that.HE.has.called.THEM.by.name. That they walk it out. True North all the way. No short cuts, no slacking. COURAGE.
It's all about training their souls so that average.is.not.an.option. That excellence becomes part of the fabric of their beings and what they yearn and long and hunger for.
It's all about giving them a taste for excellent community and comrades so thattheworldyholdsnoappeal.
Do you hear?? It is a vision that is BIG and bursting with potential.
I'm jazzed. Truly.

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