Monday, August 24, 2009

ELCA Votes

The ban on homosexual clergy was just lifted by the ELCA, the worlds 7th largest denomination. Shortly after Barbara Wheeler, one of the strongest advocates for homosexual clergy in the PCUSA comments:

If gays and lesbians can stick it out in mainline churches whose official teachings "were dismissive of their faithfulness and even their person hood," so can disappointed conservatives, she said. One of the mainline's strengths, she said, is to be a big tent.
"When you ask what religion has to contribute to the wider society, one hopes at least some religious groups will give examples of how to hold things together," she said.

This despite the fact that, by their own research, most homosexual relationship are NOT monogamous. That language will soon change, and it's understood by many that the term "monogamy" will soon be re-crafted, re-defining sexuality and marriage as it does so. The heart of marriage torn out. The crucible that it was intended to be emasculated.
Wheeler's comment about understanding religion as a "big tent" are disturbing. Religion made of sticks and stones. No thanks.
Give me the Master of the Universe, the One, True Living God who isn't concerned with "big tents" but with the heart of the man, or woman. "Big tent" talk is duplicity and Righteousness has no room for double speak


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big tents are for circuses

Gapper said...

Yes, so disappointing that another 'mainline denomination' turns their back on the Bible, God and the Truth. My heart is broken:..(, what does this do to God's heart?