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With Lee in Virginia- TOS Review

"Do your duty in all things. You cannot do more, You should never do less."
~Robert E. Lee

Heirloom Audio Productionscompany committed to audio adventures for Christian families, 
has published another fine audio theater production: 

Our family really enjoys radio theater and jumps at every chance we can get to hear quality audio drama. We became acquainted with Heirloom Audio Productions last year when we reviewed In Freedom's Cause, and were eager to be chosen for this review. This is a quality audio production with a fine cast including the following well known actors:
If you haven't discovered G.A. Henty yet, With Lee in Virginia is a great introduction.
This abridged edition follows the story of a 15 year old boy who grows up in the South, but whose sympathies lie on the side of justice. Our young protagonist meets many brave soldiers, is confronted with the ugliness of war and comes to understand the call of duty, even in the face of defeat. There are many character qualities to explore, ponder and talk about in this production as the solutions and answers are not simplistic. The characters struggle with the ugly reality of war and doing the right thing.

Included is a 52 page study guide. The graphics are beautiful, the content rich and includes sections on Listening Well, Thinking Further and Defining Words. Also included are two Bible studies; one on Duty and on title "Love Your Enemy." Good studies for today's troubled times! With Lee in Virginia 

The study guide makes  With Lee in Virginia  a terrific unit study based on  the Civil War, a terrific supplemental material for American History,  a character study,  a great co-op study or simply a well develop interest led study. We listened with interest during a couple of hot summer afternoons as a break from outside yard work; a terrific addition to the conclusion of our American History studies this year. While we didn't turn With Lee in Virginia into a formal study, one of the things I appreciate about good literature and great audio productions is that the kids have time to ponder what they read or listened to. We were discussing the war and character from this audio production long past the time it took to listen to it. 

In addition we also received:
All the Special Bonuses I received are available from 
with purchase of the Family Four-Pack Package
  • audio theater production (mp3)
  • ebook of G.A. Henty’s original story with colorful graphics (pdf)
  • soundtrack (mp3)
  • study guide and discussion starter (pdf)
While it might be daunting to think about studying "war," we have found a lot of value in doing so, when we can find resources that are sanitized enough to make them age appropriate. War is never simplistic and rarely black and white or simply good vs. evil. Henty does a good job of writing about the character of the people involved, showing the complexities, nuances and incredibly difficult decisions life demands. This audio production captures that, addresses war as the horrific reality that it is while respecting the reader enough to allow them to draw their own conclusions. This is a great introduction to a war that torn our country apart and continues to define America today. 

Keep your eye on Heirloom Audio Productions for more fine products, produced with Christian families in mind! 

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