Thursday, July 30, 2015

Beach, Baby!

It's the beach, right?! Of course we're happy! 
Sand, waves, the salty sea air!

Pictures taken over a few days...

 Dr.Dh and the kids went to plenty of other site- seeing spots as well. 
Getting pictures, however, was not on the list of things to do. 
This is the boy (granted, he got home from Shakespeare Camp at 10 p.m, we put his clothes in the wash and we left the next morning straightaway) who made comments the entire trip such as,  "I hate the car." 
At the beach, "Yeah, totally worth it!"

They take off running. Shark attacks? No problem. 
(actually they were farther north than we were). 

  One of Flower's goals this year was to make it to the ocean. 
(I'm still not sure how this goal came to be?) 
The Chesapeake did in a pinch, but barely compared to the real thing. 
She was happy, happy, happy to find her little self ocean-side!  
Dr. Dh and I honeymooned on the Outer Banks 30 years ago. 
Not quite the Outer Banks, but it was great to get close enough with some of our favorite people in the world! 
Of course there's wild-life. Feeche dug until he had a crab in hand. 

'Cause even though it's pitch black out, there is still sand and water.... 

...which is always cool to float in!

A working light-house on the beach we frequented.

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