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Project Passport World History- TOS Review

Home School in the Woods Review 
I recently came across timeline notebooks that both Cub and Flower made years ago using the printable figures from Homeschool in the Woods CD that we've had and used for years. It is always interesting and exciting to me to catch up on what quality curriculum suppliers are doing, so we were very interesting in seeing what

Home School in the Woods Review 

Project Passport World History Study: Ancient Egypt was all about. We received a down loadable PDF file, though there is a CD version as well. Project Passport World History Study program is a hands-on, interactive project based program. The program consists of ideas- many wonderful ideas- to do with your children, including but not limited to reading, map-work, art projects, food; in other words so many projects and ideas that you’ll have to pick and choose between them all.
The program is designed around 25 “stops” that can be spread out from 12-24 weeks. Each stop is like the stop a tour bus in a foreign city might take. Each stop invites you to stop, look, listen, smell, taste and see. This is an experiential program and one designed to provide the teacher with as many resources, options and opportunities as possible. And truly, the opportunities presented in this program are almost endless. You can take as long or as short of time at each stop as you would like, using this as a quarter long, semester long or year-long program.
The Project Passport program is designed for students in grades 3-8 but it could easily included younger or older kids, especially if used in a large family or co-op type setting. For a detailed Scope and Sequence, go here.
 Creative Writing
 A "Dining Out Guide" of Recipes
 A File Folder Game
 A "Scrapbook of Sights" for storing notebook projects
 A Newspaper "The Kemet Chronicle"
 A "Snapshot Moments in History" Scrapbook Timeline
 "Postcards from Famous Folks"
 Souvenir Craft Cards with a dozen 3-D projects to make
 Over a dozen Lap Book Projects ...and much more!
“Much more” is really a huge understatement! There is a massive amount of information, projects, and ideas included! The hard part for the teacher is going to be to decide which activities to include and do and which to leave untouched! Because there is so much content, I found the best way to use the program was to print off the materials that you’ll want to use. Put these in a 3-ring binder so that it’s all ready to go when you sit down to engage in the program. You could print off material as you go, but if you are a big-picture person, such as myself, printing everything all at once so that you have it in front of you and can organize it into one notebook, will probably be most helpful. For me, the ability to see the content, organize it and choose what I wanted to focus on allowed us to delight in the material, rather than get bogged down in the volume of it!
The down-loads include an actual passport so the kids have the opportunity to experience what it would be like to log their journey via passport. If you decide to participate in other Project Passport World History studies:
Project Passport World History Study: Ancient Egypt 
Project Passport World History Study: The Middle Ages 
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your student will be able to add the passport they've already made. I love connections and this allows the students to see how all of history is intimately connected

This is an excellent hands-on scrap booking, note booking, project oriented program. The true beauty of this program is that you can focus on areas that appeal to your interest of learning, or your kids interests. For instance, my son doesn’t love activities per se, but he loves time lines and maps. For Cub we simply focused on the time lines and maps. He loves comparing ancient maps to current ones!

Flower, however, loves experiential, project based learning and the scrap booking aspect of this program greatly appealed to her. Because it’s summer and we have had a crazy schedule here since June I let her pick and choose what she wanted to focus on- we used the program as a bit of a smorgasbord. To me, that just shows how flexible this program is- you can use it as an in-depth full subject sequential study, utilize the sections that appeal to you, pick and choose specific areas of learning to focus on, go slow, fast, for a short or very extended period of time. Any way you use the Project Passport program will work successfully, because all of the components are built in! My favorite aspect of the program is how they incorporated every day life foods, games and activities- this is what make history come alive for kids- realizing that history is not just dates and places (thought those are very important aspects of good history) but it is comprised of people who ate, worked and played, just like they do.

 Terrific for homeschooling families, co-ops, academic class-days, and private schools. Great for unit studies, supplements for history, cultural and geographic studies. It's no wonder that Homeschool in the Woods is an award winning curriculum supplier and for good reason.

is one of highest quality in terms of conceptualization, delivery and content. 

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Home School in the Woods Review
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