Wednesday, July 22, 2015


So, let me 'splain. My 14 month old lemon of an expensive computer died. Quickly and without warning. I got a new computer and madly worked to make up for the week of limping along on ds's computer at work. I worked a 50 hour week while the kids were at Shakespeare camp. We left for SC. I could not access my blog.
At. All. In fact, it looked, from a dashboard side, that I had no blog at all. Finally, 3 days, multiple hours and various browsers loaded later, I have access to my Golden Grasses dashboard.

My blog is such an old outdated piece of work, but I love it.
It's good to be back.
And I have a TON of pics and stuff to load- Shakespeare Camp, thoughts on the Circe Conference, Roman Roads Media love, South Carolina love, and Reviews galore. Stay tuned, because I will be writing and posting in between bed-bug de-toxing, working, working out, CC planning and tons of meetings and people over.

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