Sunday, January 11, 2015

Back to the Beginning.

By far the best news of the New Year was that one of our daughters was married. A sweet blessing for our family to start the year right!
They happened to pick Cub's birthday on which to tie the knot. Here they both are a few weeks before; beauty and the beast (or, at least, beauty and the photo bomber).

This week we started back. Back to school, back to work, back to busy. Play practice is well under way, CC Memory Master review is on high alert and we just go from dawn to dusk. We are completely loyal to our trusty chiropractor, as he has fixed our knees and lungs -which we love- but I was exhausted for 3 days after the last visit. Which is totally at odds with busy. Why does healing take so much energy (and money)?!
Festival of One Act Play practices are under way. Our play and our quirky, talented (which describes about every group of teenager-ishes) band of thespians met twice a week for a couple of hours, and we are having a blast. I finally found a decent play, devoid of questionable current issues, that has great humor, good writing and even some depth. The kids always amaze me with their creativity, talent and passion for fellowhip and good clean fun.

On-line classes this semester include another round of Learning Labs through Bridgeway Academy- this session: Myths and Fables- taught as a Humanities Class, and Intro to the Computer. Cub is also taking a government class on-line as part of a TOS Review. And Flower decided to go for Memory Masters.

So it was blizzard like and sub-zero and literally warmer in the Antarctic than in the Territories this week. You know you've raised some hardy pioneers when the kids voluntarily go out to play and temperature is 1 lone, solitary degree out. Cold it may be, but when the wind is not blowing, and the sun is shining, as it most often is, and there is snow on the ground, full of glitter and promise of new landscapes to explore, it's almost forgivable. Of course, I just write about it from the comfort of our warm household, with a cup of something hot in hand. I am so not from around here.

The goal is to finish Notgrass American History, which is excellent- excellent texts, unusual, intriguing history and amazing graphics and photos throughout. This is getting done by having Cub read 2 chapters to Flower and then Flower reading 2 chapters out loud to Cub.


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