Friday, October 31, 2014

Hard Work Hard Play

Tuesday we were up for Family Presentation at Classical Conversations. Flower recited the entire CC History Timeline from memory, from Age of Ancient Empires all the way to Rising Tide of Freedom. She did a great job and went through the entire list of 161 cards in about 6 minutes at week 7. Because we've been using VP cards until this past July, this was a major accomplishment. How'd she do it? Practice, practice and more practice along with listening to the CD, over and over again. Then, more practice. Yes, she took a nap in the car on the way home. Her little brain needed a rest!

And yeah, throw in head colds and fighting the flu and and we were all tired, all week long. 

Thursday, our wonderful in home co-op did a trash art day. Everyone brought scraps of clean trash, fanciful stuff, scraps and glue and tape and whatever extraneous stuff they had lying around and the kids all created and crafted and had a blast. The day ended with a timed competition between the kids and the adults. The kids used a kid as an armature. The adults created a co-op mascot. His name is "Bert." Dontcha' love him?
Ohmygosh. There was so much trash on the floor. The coolest thing about this co-op is that everyone makes it fun and everyone pitches in . The house was totally clean to the point of vacuumed by the time everyone went home, despite 3 hours of trash creation, a huge snack, lunch for 30-ish and playtime! Did everyone have a fun day? Totally.

On our "off days" we did a ton of Foundations, Essentials and other stuff. Stuff like Advanced Biology, math, reading. And more Essentials; copying charts, doing Analytical Task Sheets and practicing math drills and mental math.

In other news, Feeche has been working a local campaign pushing his full schedule close to bursting. He had the opportunity to meet Senator Thune, whose campaign he's worked on in the past, as well as Mitt Romney, who was stumping stateside. Nice perk, eh?

And yeah, we worked in work and cleaning the house, watched a few flicks and talked books. Watched The Widow's Mite, courtesy of the same friends who invited us over last week to press cider for apples (ohlala- liquid ambrosia!); great singing, very interesting cinematography and great film chat in the bonus section.

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