Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fall Homeschool Happenings

We are making good use of some terrific classes, labs, on-line courses and co-ops this fall. I was told a couple of years ago that I wasn't a "real" homschooler because I outsourced. Um, whatever. My kids are home. We school. Call it what you will.
Like I've shared already, we are once again participating in Classical Conversations. It's not just a bit good; it's great. Every week in class Flower goes over new memory work in 7 different areas, completes a  Science experiment, an Art Project and an opportunity to do a presentation and then does memory review-often in the form of games for a 1/2 hour. If it sounds like I know the schedule intimately, it's because I'm the Tutor. I have every bit as much fun as the kids and only wish we had about an hour more during CC mornings.
Classical Conversations afternoon classes consist of Essentials. It's a great 2 hours program and consists of 45 minutes of Grammar, 45 minutes of  Writing and 1/2 hour of Math games. The Math games are simple but challenging, forcing the kids to think on their feet quickly and accurately. The Grammar requires more memorization and Writing demands a paper a week. More to love, right?

Learning Labs with Bridgeway Academy are worth every effort. Cub is taking Chemistry Lab this semester in an on-line, live, interactive class. Homework means more labs, lab reports and reading. He is challenged, yes, he is, but loving the coursework, the lab kit (goggles, chemicals and other cool stuff).
Flower is taking Architecture with Brick Building. Think Legos, think architectural design. Lego creations as homework? Think, happy child.

We are hosting a small in-home co-op as well where the kids get Bio lab (I love all these science labs!!), the Grammar of Poetry (yes, more writing!) and Cultural Awareness from a local Missionary who spent 4 years in Turkey. Talk about more great stuff. Not only are we loving the classes and field trips, the kids interact so well together, helping each other, laughing, playing crazy games in the yard every chance they get and sharing snacks and jokes. The Moms are loads of fun and I hope everyone leaves as encouraged as I feel, week after week.

Flower also has Science Club with Margy  once a week. I know, I know, more science. But, we've had the awesome good fortune to have Margy teach before, so, we know what a great class it will be. Plus, it's with Flowers girlies, meaning winning combo.
And then, Jannell is teaching a small art class, which is mostly girls, but Cub is official "assistant" -yes, he loves Jannell's art classes that much. Now that I finally have it on my calendar, we might actually make it! 
In between the other classes we are doing Math, more Science, Spelling and Vocabulary, latin and tons of reading. Currently Flower is reading Amos Fortune, Free Man (a fantastic book- if you haven't read it yet, you should) and Cub is reading The 9 Tailors by Dorothy Sayers. He's a bit bored by it and it's not a Sayers I would normally say to start with, but he is getting through it for my sake.

Phys. Ed is bi-monthly ballroom dancing, jogging with Dad and going to the gym with Moi. Nightly Bible reading, and they actually fall into bed exhausted some days.
Meanwhile, Feeche is taking a full courseload at college, working a regular schedule roofing and handymaning with a contractor friend and doing a 1-day a week Screenwriting workshop. He's a bit busy. Like, we hardly see him, but we know he still lives here because the food disappears, along with my car on a daily basis.

It's an abundance of riches. Which is good, because Dr. Dh and I have our day jobs. All of the outsourcing allows us to provide a quality, customized homeschooling experience for our kids, even give our work schedules. Which is really great news.

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Want to find a Classical Conversations Community near you? Find one here.

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