Saturday, October 25, 2014

Classical Conversations During the rest of the week: What's Mom Got to Do With It?

I wrote yesterday about what we do with CC during the week between Community Days. You might have noticed that we make constant use of the CD's and flashcards What I wanted to make sure you didn't miss was my involvement. And, of course, it doesn't have to be Mom, it can be Dad too.

What I want to underscore is that I don't just have my kids listen to the CD's, hand them the flashcards and go my merry way. Which would be easier, believe me. My merry way is chock full of things to do and get done. No, I sit with them, interact with them, quiz, drill, query and question them. Allowing the kids to just listen, to just read the cards is a very passive endeavor, and not one that is going to train them to retrieve information in an expedient way.

Expecting them to respond quickly and accurately to questions, to be able to point and identify geographical locations immediately and to be able to recall quickly and accurately is my goal. Which means I have to show up, interact and engage and train them to be active learners, engaged and responsive. 


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evelyn etheridge said...

I was reading your blog and saw the post about Fridge Facts on CC Connected. I subscribe to that and am a tutor. I can't find those files. Can you post them or email them? They look very helpful!