Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Scalpel Report

This week was full of trips to town, a 1/2 hour spent with a man with a scalpel and stitches with an admonition to not talk for a few days. Boy howdy, I wish I could have videotaped Dr. Dh's reaction (along with a few other un-named personages who know who they are!). I thought he was gonna need a hernia repair from laughing so hard.

So, we got a little creative with school. Lit is my fall back and basically the kids took turns reading aloud Around the World in 80 Days, my first Poppins Book Club review. This book has some particularly fantastic verbiage to it's credit, even if you don't make a complete geographic unit study out of it (which would be easy to do). School also included lots of soaking in the sunshine and walks to the river due some of the 50 degree days, personal reading with some math thrown in and I'm calling it good.
Check out these beauties! You know how I've mentioned that my kids rue the fast approaching day when Perplexors are done? A visit to the Teacher's store and guess what, More Perplexors. So we picked up C's and D's. These babies are not for the faint of heart. We left with a bag full of 'em and smiles all around. Love that.
Watched some of History Channel's Noah. Right off, the heavily English-accented announcer, a must have for any History Channel production, says, "Noah was an Ancient Renaissance man." Did I just hear that right? Yes, yes I did.  My inner history timeline function just shorted.

So the locust/weed child that we live with (you know the type, they go through your kitchen like a flock of locusts eating everything in sight and then sprout like weeds before your very eyes) can't even fit in the jeans I bought for him at Christmas. Thankfully, shorts season is about here, which is about the only retaliation the Mother of above said child has.

One of the office applications I use, like daily, has a serious ninja function. Basically, if I'm looking for something- something I get, that I've done, that I did years ago in former jobs, it is impossible to find. Ninja-like. I need anti-ninja spray or something. 

Lit love, baby.
Both Sarah Addison Allen and Malcolm Gladwell have new books out. Cue library search. The wait list is a bit long, but it'll be worth it. Mystical fiction. I just love the sound of the genre, and Addison Allen can dish it up with panache. Maxwell is every sociologists dream writer- pithy, witty and wise, and with that hair, seriously why wouldn't you want to read what he wrote? Even if you don't agree with him, it's mull-worthy stuff, every time.

Listened in on a friend mulling over classical ed, beauty and children's birthright this week.In response to utilitarianism I went in search more color, discovering some glass beads, river rock and a sweet flat dish, done up in crackle finish. I might spray it antique white, but for now I like it as is, with the addition of a few candles hidden in the depths of my buffet.

Speaking of beauty- you ARE going to want to read my Lila Rose review and sign up for the give-away. I love their flexi-clip. Function and beauty all wrapped up together.

So, I moustache you, how was your week?

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