Saturday, March 22, 2014

Lilla Rose Review and Give-Away

Lilla Rose

True Confessions. The picture below is a display of what has been my hair wardrobe for many years.
Nothing fancy, lots of function, inexpensive and enough hair style possibilities to change it up every once in a while.
Highly functional and totally bling-free.
Recently, I was presented with the opportunity to try out some Lilla Rose products. 
Not only try out some Lilla Rose myself, but give a GG reader the opportunity to win a fantastic Lilla Rose hair piece as well.
Flower and I had a great time pouring over the on-line catalog and decided on Flexi-clips- Lilla Rose's masterpiece of sorts, based on our consultant, Allison's, recommendation.
Perfection in a hair accessory.
The genius of the flexi is multi-fold.
Give me a minute to sing it's Praises!
For starters, every single Lilla Rose piece I looked at is beautiful.. Flower and I had spent a couple of hours looking at the on-line catalog because there are tons of styles to choose from, and each one has something to commend it. You could create an entire hair accessory ward-robe from the Lilla Rose catalog.
There are no pesky parts to lose.  All of the parts of the flexi stay together. The "stick" moves freely, but is cleverly attached, so that it can never get lost; it's all just one flexible piece.
Hard core- durability. These are not wimpy, plastic, poorly made hair accessories. These are hardworking hair accessories to keep your style going and your hair up.
Cost effective bling- who doesn't love that? The flexis that we chose were around $16 each. I've worn mine countless times in the past 2 months. I mean, seriously, a $16 accessory like this will cost me just pennies per wearing by the time all is said and done. I can see these hair pieces lasting for years.
These beautiful babies are comfortable. I've worn my flex-clip to the gym. Have you ever tried to use weight lifting machines with a hard plastic clip in your hair? -frustrating because the plastic is unforgiving, meaning you can't lean your head against the mat and just concentrate on breathing and lifting. Rubber bands aren't uncomfortable but if you have long hair they don't always keep your hair out of the way. With the flexi-clip, you seriously won't even notice you have something in your hair if you lay down on it. It really is flexible- cue the Incredibles music and pretend you are Elasta-Girl!
So, really for sports enthusiasts with hair that needs to cooperate, Lilla Rose is a company you are going to want to check out! Wouldn't coordinating hair clips or flexi's be the cutest for a team to wear?
There are different sizes to choose from. I chose the medium size because I have very fine hair but a ton of it. Flower has my hair times two, so she chose the large.
 There are tons of ways to use the flexi and we've tried a couple of different styles. My fav is just a bun twist. The picture above is the real thing. I might have even taken this picture after I worked and worked out, so while you can see fly-aways, please notice that my hair is still up and in place after a full day of my taking my glasses on and off (meaning on the top of my head and then on my face), leaning against gym mats, etc. Flower got a bit more creative. This girl plays hard, outside and up trees, and the flexi stayed in place.
Allison Friedrich is the Independent Lilla Rose Consultant I've been working with to give you this fantastic give-away. She was incredibly helpful about the products, and a joy to work with. She has graciously agreed to give one GG reader a free item of their choice ( up to $16). The most difficult thing for the winner will be deciding which Lilla Rose item they want to make their own.

Let me say, too, that they have a fantastic hostess plan. If you see lots of hair accessories that you want, host a party; Allison can do this for you even long-distance. Hosting a party would be a wonderful idea for a bridal or baby shower, a little girls birthday (or an older Moms one!), for a sports team wanting to show team spirit or just for a fun get together.

Lilla Rose features a Flexi-of the month, meaning that there isn't going to be a shortage of beautiful designs. Not only does the company offer flexi-clips, but there some gorgeous pins, beautiful headbands and even badge holders - need a great gift for a teacher or nurse? Look no further, Lilla Rose offers badge bling. Check out the entire Lilla Rose Product Line

And if you are looking for a fantastic business opportunity, touch base with Allison about signing up to be a Lilla Rose Consultant.
So, how do you enter to win? I am so glad you asked!
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