Saturday, March 15, 2014

Classical Ed and Lit Love

Lit lovers unit. Check out this gorgeous dress, made entirely of  Golden Books. 
Did you have Pie for Pi Day? 
Three point one four one
Five nine two six five three five
Eight nine. And so on.
(Disclaimer: I did not write this Haiku and don't know who did to give credit too).

There's a new blog on the block, Sandbox to Socrates, written by some of my virtual and irl friends. This past week was "Science Week" and they published a score of science related posts, resource lists, free apps and more. You are so going to want to check it out. StS also has a Newsletter and FB page; tons of fun resources.
I wrote the Classical Ed Terminology 101, for Sandbox to Socrates so if you are needing to get acquainted with what classical ed is all about, go there first.

Speaking of Classical Education, you are going to want to check out Roman Roads Media. They re-published the Grammar of Poetry, which is on my "must have" list, this time with a video, and are also do an amazing series on Old Western Culture, a Christian Approach to the Great Books. I've said it before and I'll say it again, you want this series. I finally had to limit the kids to 2 chapters a day, or they would just blow right through the whole series. It's not about them trying to get through the program because it's boring. It's about them trying to get through it because they are enchanted and mesmerized by the stories, the intrigue, the history, the literature and Wes Calihan's excellent ability to make history come alive. My kids are a bit under the recommended age for this program but they are thoroughly steeped in history. This program adds depth and substance to the historical framework that they've already established. LOVE IT! 

Funny Holidays Ecard: They tried to kill us, we survived, let's eat! Happy Purim!
Went to a Purim Celebration, which was the fun party it was meant to be. The Rabbi had a Megillat Esther that was over 100 years old. In large print is listed all 10 of Haman's sons by name. 
FFOZ has a great CD on Purim and also mentioned the 10 sons in relation to 10 Nazi war criminals who were hung for their crimes during WWII. Fascinating connections!

School. Another week where we can honestly say, "Nailed It!" We finished up a few things this week. Famous Men of Modern Times and Perplexors D for Flower. I still need to find "D" for Cub, but for now he has his hands full with Applications of Algebra. Spelling You See is still a big win for this spring, and History of the Medieval World CD rounds out history.
We started reading Ana and the King, because Flower is so enthralled with the movie and I might just finish Talisen this week, after poking around reading it for 3 months.

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