Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Filling in the Blanks

I'm really grateful today for people who fill in the blanks in other people's lives.

A friend got a hold of me yesterday, seeking help for someone who needed surgery 6 hours from home. She has no car, not enough food and is relying on others to get her from here to there and back again. While she is here- 6 hours from home- she needs to get to her specialist, get the hospital, get to her hotel, have someone pick her up from surgery, help with meals, and someone to assist her as she waits for her ride back home-6 hours away.
Several phone calls and explanations later this friend of a friend will have transportation, food, concern and love bestowed on her because Monica cared enough and Susan, Beth, Laurie and Derek took the time, sacrificed really, their time and money to show love to a stranger.

Instead of "Everybody's awesome," a truer rendition of the song should go, "Everybody's busy." But I consider what it could be like to need surgery- actually that's up close and personal as I have a surgical "procedure" scheduled today- without resources and just trusting oneself to the care of God with no obvious "net." So today I'm thankful for the many "nets" I live with, along with the good folks above who are filling in the blanks for someone in need.

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