Friday, February 15, 2013

Mid Winter Homeschool

Is anyone else experiencing a mid-winter slump besides me and my brood? We are getting stuff done, but the weather is grey and overcast and we are feeling it. The blizzard last week-end closed the highways on Monday and we've had wildly vacillating weather since; freeze, thaw, slush, rain, freeze, ice, snow, mild, cold. Thinking spring....

Highlight of the week was a Valentine's Day party with Miss. Elea and lots of giggly girlies. Cupcakes, tea, a chilly walk and valentines. Mid-week play-time is always welcome!

Cub finished Perplexors "C" this week. We are on to "D" and I am working hard to keep up. We continue to do 2 spelling lists a day with Sequential Spelling. Saxon Math carries on at a lesson a day, Lone Star. We are still going through MP's World Geography- on to the Scandinavian Countries this week- though we are no longer going to TC in the a.m's on Tuesday. Makes life a lot less hectic. RS German, read-aloud....the usual suspects get covered.

Checking out requirements for licensure in various states. It would actually be much, much easier for me to get licensed in states other than the one I live in. Might be worth a  move...seriously.

 However, the mere mention of the word, "move" sends Flower in to a complete panic. She loves our house, loves our acreage, loves her friends. She has lived here all of her life, except for the first 10 mths. And oddly, I have lived in this house longer than anywhere else in my 5life - even with the 11 mths from the fire subtracted.

Have I mentioned before that my kids do a ton of art? We have art class at TC, art class at co-op, Flower takes clay classes. Some of the latest creations from TC and co-op classes are truly frame worthy!

Feeche and I finished the paper bag floor in the basement bedroom. Of course, there's a story, and it wasn't just an easy, looks good at the end of the day fix. But it is done. And I think he'll move back in to his own room soon. Pictures and the story later..

How was your week? (I'll add in pictures later.)

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Lynda said...

Yes, we are feeling the "slump". It's great to read that you all are still so productive though.

We just got over the flu at our home, but we still seemed to get a lot done also.

Have a great weekend!