Saturday, February 16, 2013

Books, Buddies, Borrow

 Because we live out of county from a decent library system we pay for the privilege. It is worth every penny. We pre-order books, movies and books on tape regularly. We browse the stacks, take away, and leave for others, free magazines, have access to just released books, and have a safe place for Flower to hang out during TC every week. She and the other giggle gals comadiere a table in the kids section and spread out. Some weeks it's a craft, some weeks a table full of toys, some weeks they all collect piles of their fav authors and read to each other or just read alongside a friend. And don't forget InterLibrary Loan. Somewhere in the system is the hard to find book that we don't want to pay $30 for.


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Mary said...

We pay for an out of town library too. Our local library has been trying harder, but I am not quite ready to give up the paid membership for the awesome library!