Monday, May 21, 2012

Summer Season

We are into summer season, though it seems a bit early given the fact that it's still May. The boys are wrapping up a couple of classes: Feeche- Anatomy and Physiology and Algebra II; Cub Writing and both of them Latin. We have camps lined up and another family get-to-gether later on in the summer.

I've been making my list of summer projects, which include working on at least 2 of the 3 flights of stairs, lots of wood staining (see the Tear Down to Build Up posts for all the details on our house re-build) and some fun craft ideas from my Pinterest boards. As always, we'll be gardening- it's what we do. We've come  a long way since last year. Here was my list for last summer.

Here's the thing. I'm ready for summer projects N.O.W. I don't want to be wrapping up anything. I'm still teaching WWS for another 6 weeks, Flower is seriously advocating that I teach The History of the Horse to a group of girlies this summer and all I want to do is get the house finished (serious house project season once it's warm enough out to open windows- let the sanding and wood cutting begin!), read, lounge and take very little seriously. That being said, the long days of summer in the country, stretch way out when you are 9 and 12. Not having enough planned is almost as bad as having too much planned.

My goal was to create a summer bucket list for Cub and Flower but it turned into a project list. Projects and themes are kinda my special thang, and I inflict them on my offspring with regularity. My list includes the following categories: food, crafts, books, activities and "challenges." I've had a blast collecting ideas on Pinterest- so much to love there for us visual types. Putting it together in an engaging, cool, summer-ish way hasn't really happened yet, but by next week I hope to have something amazing put together.

What do you have planned and hoped for this summer?

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Jesse Lovelady said...

I am with you on the "very little serious" planned, mama! However, my kids are decidedly not restful, hang out in a hammock and watch the clouds kind of people for very long. So we are planning some "fun fridays" with field trips to the zoo, science center and botanical gardens with our friends!