Tuesday, May 8, 2012

CC Lapbooks! Woot!

L1-4 lapbook photo copy

If you've followed my blog for long at all you know we do a certain amount of memory work. I really got ahold of memory work as a homeschooling tool when we delved into the world of Classical Conversations. We're not part of the program anymore, but we still ultize the material. The gal who writes the Wisdom and Righteousness blog has made some beautiful lap-books that correspond to the CC cycles. For those of you looking to contextualize the CC material, this is a great way to do it. The cool thing is that she is running a give-away right now, to introduce her new lapbook. Hurry on over and sign-up and maybe we'll both win on of the  2 lapbooks are currently up for grabs! See ya over there!

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Redradtech said...

Memories. We did a lot of lap books. Loved them