Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Blogging Distractions

Sand, prime, paint buffet & hardware
Sand, prime and  paint, decorate (Americana theme) enclosed front porch.
level drain field dighaul rocks from field where the mongo-pile was
leveledburn brush pile in south pasture, even and seed
burn chicken shed
seed fields and lawn
corner round, mud, tape master bedroom walls and closet
 paintmud, tape, small bedroom and closet, cut closet door to accommodate folding doors.
mud, tape closet in H's bedroom
sand, paint, stain main stairs, guard rail and baseboards (paint the risers, clear stain on the treads)
sand, paint, stain attic stairs (chalkboard paint on the risers, color on the treads)
finish sanding drywall and paint laundry room area
paint saying in laundry room area
garden- weed, harvest, put food by: strawberry jam, grape juice, pesto, tom. sauce, sauerkraut (?), herbs, etc.
Small bathroom-- touch up paint, add saying to the wall
Craig's list- pedestal sink and toilet, antique light fixtures (groan)
Sell gently used curriculum (groan again- I so don't want to go there, but I so want these 2 boxes turned in to cash).
paint light fixture for downstairs bathroom dk. brown
plan school for  fall/ includ. creative writing class if that makes
buy curriculum for fall
book a week - kinda, sorta
School- lite with kids.
Build from Ana's site: 2 leaning bookshelves, library cart, craft table (see my plan for a school room here), 2-4 cubby shelves.
Celebrate holidays and summer birthdays
Write several articles

Add to that reading out-loud, regular camp-fires, hanging out by the notoosmall/nottoobig pool, family visits and the regular needs of living. I need more summer!

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