Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Carnival of Homeschooling!

I have been sick, sick, sick. Between the coughing, wheezing, inability to breathe, fever, chills, blinding headache and general malaise I have done barely enough to get by this week. The good news: My kids are older and have been taking care of things generally and

I am hosting the Carnival of Homescholing this next week!
 In case you don't know, the carnival is a weekly get-together of homeschoolers from all over to bring you practical tips, wisdom and encouragement on homeschooling. I'll be posting the Carnvial next Tuesday. YOU can do a couple of things between now and then; Check out past carnivals (see icon on my side-bar), submit a great article to this week's carnival, spread the word to your blogger friends so that we can make this one of the best carnivals ever!

Send entries to:

Include the title and URL of your blog; the title and URL of the post you are submitting to the carnival and any comments. And don't forget to post a carnival icon on YOUR blog!

You can help promote the carnival by adding the carnival images.

Carnival of Homeschooling


Carnival of Homeschooling


Carnival of Homeschooling 

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