Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cupboard Clean-Out

Between Cub and I we've been sick for over a week now. Just when I think he's better he gets a fever again. I'm actually up and about, thanks be to God and the miracle of $80 worth of antibiotics. We're taking sick days. This has included Chemistry 101 Dvd's an entire volume of Mystery of History CD's and Cub reading Shakespeare aloud to Flower. His pronunciation of names and places is worth the entry fee alone!  Feeche is gone for the day, readying for Tantara on Saturday.

Flower and I are re-organizing the cupboards under all of the sinks in the bathroom and re-arranging the kitchen cupboards. My mil re-arranged the kitchen this summer -she has a gift for space, I do not- but we've lived here long enough now to have some habits established and the need to re-arrange is long past due. Why is it that cleaning makes such an unbelievable mess?  The good news is I'm crossing stuff off my "bugsme2death" list.

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I need this pin re-written to say: Both can't get done, it's homeschooling or the house!

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