Sunday, January 8, 2012

52/2012 Kick Off

I'm starting my yearly reading challenge with a couple of books:
Stephen King on Writing. Excellent! If I were into horror I'd read everything he's ever written. His mass following makes sense to me now. He is brilliant!
Love & Respect. Started it last year. I wish the authors had read King's book on writing. I can't stand their phrase, "he/she gets it." Condescending and redundant. The points are excellent and it's a great read on keeping your marriage whole and beyond just o.k. I mean, content-wise, great stuff. Writing wise-  oy vey!

Read-Aloud- Out of the Silent Plant by Lewis. One of my very, most all time favs. Love the Lewis's Space Trilogy. Love sharing it with my kids. Miss R. started reading it to the notsolittles cause she finished reading them Reb and the Redcoat. Everyone hangs around to listen to whomever grabbed it to read-aloud first.

Picked up L'Engle's The Irrational Season (one of the Crosswick Journal's). Love it. The vocab, theology, science, relationships, writing style. I'll go slow with this one. It's mine so there'll be lots of underlinings and notes in the margins.

I'm reading snatches at a time between everything else.
What are you starting the year with?


Robin McCormack said...

I'm not much into horror either. King has some psychological thrillers that I enjoyed though: Duma Key and Under the Dome. I'm trying out Dean Koontz. My brother recommended him.

LaughingLioness said...

Robin- I will tentatively add these to my list. Psych thrillers do me in quicker than horror ; }