Friday, December 2, 2011

Winding Down

Another slow week. This cold is from the dark side. It just won't relinquish it's hold.

Homeschool: We did math. I have an exciting new math program, waiting for review (with an awesome give-away, too!). Cub did his work for Tutoring Center.
We had another guest speaker for my Creative Writing Class- the state co for Poetry Outloud. Another great program for the Rhetoric stage.

We read- These Happy Golden Years. The time-line for this and Little Town on the Prairie are skewed, but the kids continue to enjoy the series. Flower, Cub and I have been taking turns reading. It's nice to see Flower's ease and comfort level with reading improving.

John Adams Poster
We also watched John Adams. Loved it. I like how the producers kept it a period piece.  For instance, every one's teeth ends up rotting. Love that. Not the teeth rotting part, but the fact that they didn't sanitize the production. It's one of my pet peeves about historical documentaries. As a result, you get a real sense of how physical decay was a real deal back then. The bond between Abigail and John was very sweet and the fact that they portrayed a real man- one with failures, struggles, vanity, made it very much worth watching.

Of course, I had to look up Giamanti (the actor that portrayed Adams) afterwards and was floored to see that he was the manager in Cinderella Man- cool. We ended up watching that, just for fun. Interesting actor with a fascinating family-  his Dad was the prez of Yale University and the and the major league baseball commissioner who banished Pete Rose from baseball. His great grandfather, Commodore Alfred Brown, was the first and only man to swim the Panama Canal. His mom and bro were/are both in the acting biz, too.

Viking Man continued to work on the downstairs basement. The ceiling is in, he'll finish texturizing today, I'll prime and paint tomorrow. We still have wood trim to install but it's sanded so I'll get it painted tomorrow, too. Then the light fixtures and the mirror go up and last of all a door knob. Details, details. We still have a million to get too.

Next up is trim on the 2nd floor. We have lots of cuts to make and dh is deliberately considering tool choices- we'll have to purchase a couple at least. And we have stairs to figure out. I have a board on Pinterest devoted to stairs. Who knew there was such diversity in stairs?

Friday was our last day of co-op for several weeks. My kids love co-op so they are not so happy about the break. But, we'll have visitors in between and One Act Play rehearsals and the Poetry Outloud competition, Christmas and 3 birthdays, so it's not like we won't be busy. Not to mention that Tutoring Center goes for 2 more weeks, and starts up again right off on the 3rd.

Last song of the season "On That Holy Mountain." Just beautiful!

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Our first snowfall of the season last night. Winter usually hits here with a vengeance just after Thanksgiving. It's been a dry, khaki colored fall.

Check out my review of Chapter 4 on Give Them Grace: License and Legalism over at HSV.

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