Monday, December 19, 2011

Embracing Odd Offers

I've been reading William Shatner's latest book in the aisle at Sam's. Cheesy, I know, but reading, it's my way...He's funny, but a bit crude, but very funny. He writes about embracing the odd offer and how that can lead to amazing things you would never dream of. You know the sentiment. That's kinda my motto. Actually, my motto is "If you have 2 loaves of bread, sell one and buy a lily." Cause growing things are my thing. But I've modified it to, “If you have 2 loaves of bread, sell one and try to eek a lily and book out of it. If that doesn’t work, sell another ½ loaf of bread and add more water to the soup" Despite my motto not being exactly like his, the gist of it is, embrace as much as you can.   I agree with Bill - you know, William Shatner. I feel like I can call him Bill because when I was 8 and he was Capt. James T. Kirk, I was going to marry him. Our relationship goes way back and even thought he was divorced and re-married again before I even graduated from high -school, he was still my first love. (I pretended that Jimmy Swaggart was in 3rd grade, only 'cuase my older sister had claimed John Wayne, but it was all a ruse).

I embraced a rather odd offer this week-end to discover a huge blessing, the details of which I can't share. But it was huge and wonderful and totally, unbelievably unexpected. This was on the heels of another really cool gift that a good friend of mine surprised me with ‘cause God told her to do something wild and crazy at 3 a.m. during a bout of insomnia. Two-fer. Just cause. God’s so cool like that.  

Blessed, very blessed even if I think the Bill should have passed on the Priceline account.

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Anonymous said...

HAHHA!! Agreed about Priceline!!

SO glad that good news is heading your way. Cheers to you and your family for an amazing and positive 2012~