Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bed B Gone

This is a grand-poombah day.
Our bed is out of the living room. Our bed resides in an actual bedroom. This is oh-so-huge. So what if it's on the floor, the closet is uninhabitable, the trim is not cut or affixed and it still looks like a construction zone more than an actual living space upstairs. It's out of the living room and it is more than 3 feet away from the front door.

We are dividing and conquering today. Miss R and I will polyurethane more yards of trim, the likes of which Viking Man and Feeche further sanded on Christmas Eve day and which we stained, assembly-line style yesterday. KB and Feeche and the notsolittles will take the girls mattresses and assorted dressers and clothes items to the 2nd floor.

My husband has been, on occasion, hardly ever, known to over-schedule himself. He truly believes that he will have time this week to work 3 full days (plus driving, notes, and management details), get ready for his on-line class which starts on Monday, affix door posts/frames for 6 doors and cut and affix several yards of trim upstairs. Along with meeting/hosting Miss R's beau for 4 days, attending a few New Year's partees, and being coherent for Cub's birthday bash on Sunday, along with eating and sleeping. He's lucky he has me to push food in his way and to remind him to sleep cause, knowing him, those items would be the first to go. Odd man. I try to smile and be encouraging at times like these instead of shouting hysterically that he is a crazed, maniacal work-aholic.

I pledge, in all honesty, that if he dies first, his tombstone will read, "I didn't get as much done as I wanted." That being said, he does get an inordinate amount of stuff done. The down side of that is, as his support staff, so do we. I might not get the next book read this week. And speaking of which, I've gotta go polyurethane more wood.

Christmas pictures to follow at some point. It was a lovely day. How was yours?

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