Friday, December 23, 2011


Meet KB in town yesterday with everyone, split in to 2 cars and everyone finished their Christmas shopping with a stop for food stuffs to create really great food. It's cool to have kids with their own ideas and bank accounts and generous spirits to want to give good things to each other. 

We discovered a Western Store in our fair city- very dangerous for the likes of us. You walk in and it has that rustic leather smell. It is chock full of unique clothing that is western enough to appeal to the conservatives amongst us and funky enough to appeal to the artistic amongst us, with walls of skinny jeans for the skinnys amongst us, gorgeous leather boots and hats and saddles and tack...we all waxed nostalgic about the west for awhile (Viking Man was born in NM, as were Cub and Flower). We're still sorta in the west, but the southwest is a world unto itself.

Cooking, baking, staining and polyurethaning on the menu today. Viking Man and his band of merry men are already upstairs measuring and inventorying trim. We are re-using the old door jambs from before the fire but they need sanding, stained and poly'd. The kids and I had stained hundreds of yards of trim and, honestly, it is a job I know loath. It's easy, work-wise, but it smells and you are bent over so your back is yelling obscenities at you by the end of the day, and it's now very cold on the porch, and work gloves and a nice stain job don't go together. The good news is that we have wood to stain, and stain and a husband who knows what he's doing, or at least invested and smart enough to figure it out.

Yesterday Viking Man received a thoughtful card and gift box from former clients. The card said that they were happier than they had been ever, their faith is strong, their relationship solid and they owe much to the wisdom that he offered them.

KB said to me on our way home last night, "Do you know how blessed we are. We want to buy presents for each other, so we go and buy them. Our car gets low on fuel and we go and fill it up."

We are blessed in so many ways; health, freedom, work that is meaningful. Very blessed, indeed!

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