Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Month of Movies

Reading and homeschooling took a back seat this past month and a half and it felt like on the days that we weren't working like dogs cleaning up the aftermath from the fire, we were sitting around in a stupor. As a result we watched a lot of movies. Somehow I don't feel quite as lame sitting in a stupor if there's a movie on. Anyway, some were better than others...maybe you'll find one in my list below that piques your interest:
  • The Last Samari- I'm not sure I buy PTSD among survivors of the 7th (this is the 2nd movie, Hildago was the first) that uses that as a major premise. My historical sensibilities aside, it was a great drama and an intriguing look into a unique country.
  • Iron Man- Marvel Comics did a marvelous job. Good, clean, cheesy entertainment. Love it.
  • The Kid -Some screen writer's Inner Child Therapy on the Big Screen. Witty lines, lots of laughs. Lilly Tomlin is brilliant in her cameo.
  • Bee Season -Beautiful Mind from a feminine perspective. What happens when people seek the Spirit without connection to the Father. Well written and interesting look at Kabbalaism and Family Dynamics.
  • Narnia I & II. True Confessions, I can't stand Susan in these films and that ruins the whole thing for me. The WonderWorks productions are better. The books better yet. Read them often and outloud.
  • The Nativity - Beautiful and poignant. My fav flick of the year.
  • Barbie Nutcracker - loved by my 6 yo. I watched it with her - that's love, baby.
  • Star Trek, The Movie - I loved Star Trek, and Ray Bradbury, as a kid cause sci-fi used to be written by scientists and who knew what could end up being the real McCoy? Now it's just cheesy fantasy with special effects thrown in.
  • Rome: The History Channel - Violence, power, narcissism. Lots of detail. Very well done.
  • Santa Claus I, II, III -Tim Allen, despite the mild bathroom humor, is always funny. We loved III- Martin Short and Tim Allen together- twofer! Marty is brilliant as Jack Frost... "Yea, And?!
  • The Bucket List - Coming to terms with one's life. Better done before the end.
  • Pendragon - Good message. Well done flick by a group of homeschoolers.
  • Paul: The Apostle - Interesting perspective on Paul's conversion and ministry. Showed the beginning of Peter's ministry as well, though little was mentioned of James.
  • Another Perfect Stranger - A skeptic sits next to Jesus on an airplane and He responds to her doubts and disbelief. Difficult to create a lot of visual excitement when the majority of the movie is dialog. Still, the notsolittles enjoyed it and had lots of questions as a result.
What have you been watching? Any good family films we should check out? I'd love to hear about them.

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