Monday, January 25, 2010

It's a Rather Blustery Day...

Another blizzard blazing on the high plains- Viking Man was on his way to his out-of-town clinical practice and called it mid-way there. We spent the day inside and cozy, schooling, reading and talking and now playing games. Viking Man and the boys playing Settlers of Catan (very fun!) and Miss Flower, KB and I are playing Apples to Apples, Jr. I'm a go-for-the-throat board game player, (in honor of my paternal grandmother, Audrey, who was far more competitive than either me or my Mom -though Viking Man will never concede that there is anyone more competitive than me at a board game, but hey, what about Cliff Huxtable? He rolls in the Monopoly dough, at least I don't do that!). That's just cause I am queen of certain games- like Chinese Checkers- I Rock and Rule, baby. Anyway...I'm going to go play Apples to Apples with my little, almost no longer 6 year old because I love her. Since there will be no killer instinct involved, it will be a little boring- sigh. Do I get diadems for this? I think it counts for heavenly treasure!
Otherwise I would just continue reading my book: Being Catholic Now: Prominent Americans Talk about Change in the Church and the Quest for Meaning, by Kerry Kennedy. My brain is working overtime on processing and organizing this one! Don't worry, I'll for sure be posting about it later this week!

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