Sunday, October 25, 2009


We spent yesterday at the house, throwing away about 80% of the "stuff" on the first and second floor. The basement should come in higher and the attic not so bad. The kitchen is off-limits becasue the timbers under the floor have gone missing.

We'll talk to contractors this week and get estimates. The insurance agent is talking about maxing out the policy and writing a check and several people have mentioned bulldozing the house, selling the acerage and getting a different house.
Oh my.
I am hanging out with Cub and Flower today who are 1/2 sick, cranky, sad, irritable and bored. I'm feeling lousy myself and melatonin only goes so far helping one sleep. This week-end, not at all.
Miss R spent last night in a Kentucky E.R. trying to track down a blood clot around her heart. Thankfully, even though the test came back postive the CAT scan showed nothing. I think Jehovah Rophi had something to do with a quick and total healing. Praise be HE!!

Lots of decisions ahead. We covet your prayers.

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