Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ruach Eloyim Chayim

Formless and void.
Ha- Ruach came and blew galaxy upon galaxy into being.
Embedded deeply
into the fabric of the universe.
Vast expanse of depth and dark.
He placed times and seasons, purposes and people. Precious and hoped for
Loved by Him.
He Created.

Longing for the unfolding of the mysteries,
deep and secret things hidden
but only for a time.
Joy in knowing what's to come.
His beauty revealed.
Diamonds exposed.
The universe trembling and singing,
exuberant with expectations.
Expressions of his over-flowing love-
sons of Adam and daughter of Eve
Created to worship.
Fellowship in the garden.
More than knowing.
Fabric of being crying out in want and joy
for Him.
Ruach Elohim Chayim.

Thwarted. Times. Seasons. People. Places.
Aborted. Masses of flesh. Beauty torn limb from limb
Sacrilege and sacrifice for nought.
Sin sickness rampant
Sons and Daughters turn away.
Father rejected. King shamed.
Ruach Hakodesh ka'sher dibber denied.

Righteous anger burns
Fire consuming sacrifices offered freely to idols.
Delusion running rampant.
Modern man, divorced from Living God of Old and Times to Come.
Post-modern words without meaning, formless and void.
returning to the beginning with No Shame.
No God. No King. No Ruach Olam.

Mysteries deeply buried exposed and
Ruach Ha Emet comes again.
Fire burning brightly.
Pure. Righteous. Dross consumed.

The vision, speaking
Appointed time and times,
Ruach he-Chazon at the ready.

Ha-Ruach- The Spirit
Ruach Eloyim Chayim- Spirit of the Living God.
Ruach Hakodesh ka'sher dibber - Spirit of Promise.
Ruach Olam- Eternal Spirit
Ruach Ha Emet- Spirit of Truth
Ruach he-Chazon - Spirit of Revelation

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