Sunday, October 18, 2009

Paradigm Shift
Fellowship, family, children, intellect, faith, laughter, food, friends,
joy in exploring, thinking, capturing thoughts and words.
Playing with expressions, hyperbole, idioms, maxims, proverbs.
words, meaning. Truth.
Old Testament thinking.
Modernist self. Me, mine, gadgets, gain.
Shifting from what is to what's excellent.
Re-thinking, re-tooling
Waiting, expectant. About to be birthed.
A surprise.
Faith guides. Sight, once trusted, becomes obsolete.
Divinity producing and soon the whole world will sing.
My piece- inspired, expected, longed-for.
No more than others. No better, no less. Hands and feet and head cherised.
All who join in welcomed, wanted, waiting, walking True North.
Self gone. Greater gained.

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