Monday, January 5, 2009

Glory to God in the Highest

A beautiful hymn of thanksgiving, the Akathist hymn “Glory to God for All Things.” Here’s a sample:

How glorious You are in the springtime, when every creature awakens to new life and joyfully sings Your praises with a thousand tongues!
You are the source of life, the destroyer of death.
By the light of the moon, nightingales sing, and the valleys and hills lie like wedding-garments, white as snow.
All the earth is Your promised bride awaiting her spotless Husband.
If the grass of the field is like this, how gloriously shall we be transfigured in the Second Coming, after the Resurrection!
How splendid our bodies, how spotless our souls!
Glory to You for the warmth and tenderness of the world of nature.
Glory to You for the numberless creatures around us.
Glory to you for the depths of Your wisdom–the whole world a living sign of it.
Glory to You: On my knees, I kiss the traces of Your unseen hand.
Glory to You, enlightening us with the clarity of eternal life.
Glory to You for the hope of the unutterable, imperishable beauty of immortality.

Glory to You, O God, from age to age.