Thursday, January 29, 2009

And Then They Were 6

Which Miss. Flower is today. We are fresh out of babies in our house, although we have some absolutely adorable kids. Cub and Flower are our bumper crop and they are such a humongous, gargantuan, fabulous blessings. I highly recommend everyone over 35 having more littles. One of the benefits of having kids as a mom of "advanced maternal age" (honestly, this was actually on my medical records when I was in the hospital giving birth!) is that you know things that you didn't before. You have wisdom to share and someone cares to hear it. You get to read all of your favorite childhood books again without waiting for grand kids. You get more hugs in life, more smiles, more joy. You are generally mellower and realize that thing that you thought were so precious before we really just things after all.

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Karen said...

6 is a wonderful age isn't? I love 6. She is beautiful - like sunshine and smiles. "Advanced maternal Age" is funny. I like "experienced" it sounds better. I found that with the younger two, I had less energy than with the first, but more patience.