Saturday, December 24, 2016

"Hey! Unto You a Child Is Born!"

We read "The Best Christmas Present Ever," for our last book of the semester. Flower wrote this on her in response to the question, "Discuss the life lessons/ spiritual wisdom you gained through the novels/characters."

"What is on the surface isn't (always) in the depths, "HEY! Unto you a Child is born!" Something that looks like the most scary thing ever can really be something that needs a little Jesus." 

We were talking yesterday, on our way to do an errand, about why some people go to church for the cultural aspect of it alone. How going to church is the only indication that distinguishes them from someone who doesn't. They still talk and act, think and do like most of the rest of the world- i.e. for themselves. They have no missional focus, no sacrificial service, no radical plan or vision. It's just worldly business as usual- another day, another dollar, another way to get by.  Christ is transformative, and if your life doesn't reflect that, than maybe you need a little more Jesus. As we were talking, it struck me, once again, how Christianity is not just a nice idea. It's not a social club, not a "I'll get to it later," not a "my religion," not an option type of thing. It's Truth. And if you deny it, so what. The Master of the Universe will not be un-done simply because you do not acknowledge Him.

We see through a glass darkly, and beyond that is a universe- galaxies - of spiritual Truth that our minds and bodies will need to be made new for before we can even hope to grasp or engage with it. And in that space, the Master of the Universe dwells, still creating galaxies and new life and Transformation.

That being said, getting a little Jesus in your life changes everything-challenges, provokes, divides, defines, and brings about revolutions of one sort or another, It's not for the faint of heart- or else the very act of getting a little Jesus will take our faint hearts and instill in them courage beyond ourselves!

And in light of this, I believe that this little word study by George Grant is totally appropriate: The word "merry" is from an old Anglo-Saxon word which literally meant, "valiant," "Illustrious," "great" or "mighty." Thus, to be merry was not merely to be mirthful, but to be joyously strong and gallant. In Shakespeare we read of fiercely courageous soldiers who were called "merry men." Strong winds were "merry gales." Fine days were marked by "merry weather." So, when we wish one another "Merry Christmas," we are really exhorting one another to take heart and to stand fast

"Hey! Unto You a Child Is Born!"
Merry Christmas! 
Take heart, stand fast, the Savior of the world has come! 
Light has come~light will come again!
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