Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Morning Symposium Teen Edition

A hallmark of our homeschool has been reading and studying together. Last year we included two CC Challenge programs, with me directing one and our read-aloud, collective study time went by the wayside in a sea of keeping up, work, extra-curriculars and learning how to manage a lot of moving parts.  During our end-of-year eval, Cub stated that he really missed reading aloud and studying together. When your 16 year old man-cub is telling you that he wants to spend more time together, it's time to take action and make it so.

My solution? Morning symposium.

Much like Circle Time or the Morning Basket for littles, I've reconfigured it for the older set. 

What we are doing:
Having a set start time with limits. 
Having set subject areas. 
  1. The Story of Christianity by Memoria Press
  2. History of Art with Art cards by Veritas Press
  3. Latin forms and vocab review, LNE 
  4. Math speed drills. 

How did I decide what to include? I've had my eye on the MP older Bible studies for a few years and we haven't done a Bible Study together for about that long. Challenge II is going to take on the arts this year, and VP art cards are always lovely. We all doing Latin forms anyway and math speed is something we continually work on.

A simple way to touch base and set the tone at the start of the day along with connection and discussion. That doesn't mean things haven't happened already during the day; it's just that is when we will pause and come together for another cup of coffee and some communal study. Can't wait. 

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Unknown said...

I love this! It's so easy to get disconnected when you feel like the Challenge guide is ruling your life. This is a great way to come together and enjoy discussing and learning together.