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Classical Word Study - 2016 Virtual Curriculum Fair

I have long been a lover of words, language and reading; it's my thing. And, as Christians, we are to be lovers of the Word, do-ers and not hearers only. We are called to understand that the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. God doesn't take words lightly, and neither should we.

We are learning Latin using Henle Latin. Knowing and understanding English Grammar has been integral to our ability to access Henle. We prepped for Henle using several excellent programs: Rod and Staff Grammar, Mary Daly's Whole Book of Diagramming, SWB's Writing with Ease and Writing with Skill and finally CC's Essentials Program.


1- The love of vocabulary.  Words are an artists tool to create something beautiful.
2-  The love of puzzles. Latin-language acquisition is one big challenging puzzle. The pieces fit exactly right, but one must puzzle and play around to get it all correct.
3- Learning a language is a window into a culture, a way of thinking and being, a way of life.
4- We are training our brains to retain. Learning a "difficult" subject like Latin allows us to realize that hard tasks are simply  a collection of smaller, easier tasks. Learning Latin makes the "Little by little, one travels far" adage a motto to live by because you realize you can.
5- Learning Latin gives one a  deep sense of satisfaction.  Don't dismiss the joy of hard work and the satisfaction of delving deep into something difficult. We've struggled with Latin in the past because we didn't treat the grammar of Latin as grammar. We over-viewed it. This time around we are hardening in the grammar. We chant forms, and chant some more and drill flashcards and drill some more.

So,  Latin. We are learning grammar, vocabulary, a foreign language, how to memorize and how to think logically.
This year, our lit has focused on CC's lit selections. The kids are reading 1 book every three weeks for CC and then whatever else they want to read on their own time. They are also spending time listening to Wes Callihan's Old Western Culture at every opportunity. Great stuff!

 Lost Tools of Writing by the Circe Institute, oh, how I love thee. LTW is a phenomenal program that teaches the student to think deeply about the text, pushes them to memorize and understand classical writing terminology (Exordium, Division, Amplification, etc). The kids are producing a Persuasive Essay every 3 weeks, using weeks 1 and 2 to create an issues, create ANI Charts with 30 items on each of the 3 columns (Affirmative, Negative, Interesting) and all of the other pieces that go into an excellent persuasive essay. Step by step, A, B, C. Simple and extremely effective!

We continue to be involved in TeenPact and this year both kids did the 1-day Political Communications Workshop. Lots of opportunity to stand up and present ideas, think on one's feet and ask good questions.
The CC Challenge program gives ample opportunity to do public speaking through weekly Science Presentations in A, Debate in 1. Additionally, the kids are regularly leading discussions in Math, participating in Socratic Circles and doing Individual Debate Events, among other things.

Tantara/Shakespeare Camp
We participate in  Tantara is a yearly One-Act play competition and Shakespeare Camp a yearly performance of a complete Shakespeare play.

Coming UP: I'll be teaching The Grammar of Poetry this year on-line for Roman Roads Media, grades 5th - adult.  If you want an excellent introduction to poetry forms, tropes and good writing, think about signing up! if you want to develop your LOVE of words, sign up- we are going to have a great time!
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This year the Virtual Curriculum Fair is hosted by 
Laura @ Day by Day in Our World, creator of the lovely graphic, above!
Chareen @ Every Bed of Roses 
and Kristen @ Sunrise to Sunset. 

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