Sunday, April 26, 2015

Spring Dinner/ Dance

The Spring Dinner/ Dance is always a highlight of the year. In fact, Cub gave up going to D.C. with us to stay home for this event. Mr. Will spent the week-end with the men at our house, Feeche chauffeured and chaperoned and a great time was had by all. 

The decorating crew and wait staff (parents and older sibs) go-over logistics, led by the talented and lovable Mrs.McL and Mrs. J, whose youngest is graduating this year. We've been so blessed by both of them for their community service and outreach! 

Kids are invited based on if they participate in any events sponsored by an area homeschool group and have to be high schoolers. The parents prepare and serve a mystery dinner. It's a riot and eating exploits are gleefully entertained long after the evening is over. 
Love this kid. (he's hiding the cast)

Drinks for everyone! 

Dress is dressy and that's part of the fun of it all! 

Most of these kids have had way to much dramatic experience- lol! 

Games, fitting with the theme- this year, Academy Awards! 

Part of Jannell's crew (whom I blithely stole the pics from). They have hearts as big as their smiles. Love these peeps! 

Most of these kiddos go ballroom dancing every other week so they come prepared to dance, and have a blast doing so! 
But it's not a requirement!

Dance Fever.

Tango, baby! Bob and sweet Miss. M
Rocking the Cotton Eyed Joe! 

Cutie Pies! 
It's the Cha-Cha.

Great party! Great peeps! 

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