Monday, March 30, 2015

Thick as Thieves- TOS Review


Circle C Milestones has recently released Susan K. Marlow's newest book,
Thick as Thieves. and downloadable Study Guide
The book is a 174 page paperback with 26 action packed chapters. Thick as Thieves. is the third in the Circle C Milestones series: Circle C Beginnings is for ages 6-9, Circle C Adventures for ages 9-14, and Circle C Milestones for 12 and up. And of course, we eagerly await the next Circle C Milestones: Heartbreak Trail, the next book in the series coming in July.
The  Circle C Milestones is a sweet action packed adventure series for history loving, horse loving, adventure loving girls (and boys, too, though they might not as readily admit it). The setting is a busy ranch in California in 1882 and the adventures of 14 year old Andrea. The story deals with challenges and adventures and how Andrea faces and overcomes them. It is hopeful and inspiring, with a simple but engaging plot, believable characters and fun twists and turns. The book has Andrea solving real life problems in a way that highlights friendship, compassion and integrity. It's good, clean fun (i.e. wholesome reading) for tweens! And anyone who has been in a big box bookstore recently realizes what a real world problem that is! Actually the story reminds me of the old American Girl Josephina stories; simple, sweet and engaging with a unique and compelling historical setting. All that to say, we loved it! Flower and I were going to read it together, but she got impatient waiting on me and finished without me. Which left me reading it on my own. Which I did. It really is a sweet story with great character development and clear consideration of what it means to look at  circumstances beyond yourself and apply your faith. I loved how the book dealt with issues of faith, but was not in any way pedantic! It is a sweet story of redemption- of God's mercy and love and how he uses odd circumstances and behaviors to bring about something bigger than ourselves or our own desires. This is a touching story, and a good one.
Don't just take my word for it; you can read an excerpt of the book here.
To go along with the book is a free downloadable Study Guide.  In this 40 page guide that is broken down into 6 different sections you will find vocabulary and comprehension questions, venn diagrams, cattle rustling then and now, Dimestore novels, and tons of vocabulary throughout! You can use the study guide as you read along or complete it once you are done with the book. Either way, it is a fun, informative, guide.  
You can find Circle C Milestones onSocial Media:
Andi's Blog - Here you will find Circle C information, a fun photo gallerys, maps, news and updates. It’s a live, interactive site that brings the Circle C and Andrea more fully to life! In addition you’ll find a Writer’s Circle, Writing Contest, Give-aways, and more information about the Author, 
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Andi Carter said...

Got a little sidetracked on my way to post my comment to thank you for the fun review you wrote about Thieves. (I saw the "Between Netanyahu and Nimoy" and wondered, What's with that? LOL (Being a friend of Israel and also a Star Trek fan, it piqued my interest. But one of the photos didn't show up. *sigh*
ANYWAY, thanks for the Shout Out, and eeeek, where did you find that picture of me? :-)

Lisa M. Nehring said...

Oh, I love that picture of you! So fun to see authors with young readers! I hope you don't mind- I got it from your blog (which is great, btw!)