Sunday, December 28, 2014

New Goals New Year

To say that this year has blown by is a serious understatement. This time last year I was kind of drowning in computer training on a slow-as-molasses, decrepit, overly-loved laptop and kind of wondering if I was really up to working in this brave new world of computer everything. Last spring went by in a blur. Feeche took over my co-op class, I resigned from the TOS Crew, quite doing reviews, stopped reading, did nothing on the house or DIY, threw homeschooling at the kids and made some difficult decisions about not re-joining the co-op we've been part of for 5 + years. 

Enter a new season. 
This past fall we started an in-home class day, joined the local Classical Conversations, got much more familiar with work (even though we've changed computer systems at least twice), re-applied to the CREW (Hi Crewbies! I missed you!), did a ton of different trainings, got my head above water
taught writing and poetry, which I L.O.V.E.
It seems I've finally hit a spot where I can think about next things, instead of just what I haven't gotten to of late. 
Love that! 
And so, goals for the New Year.
(You can read my basic goals up top)

Here's a chance for you to set some of your own goals: 
Come back and link up so we can stop by and read yours!

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Michele said...

Glad you are back!! Praying for your 2015 to be a great year with many accomplished goals!