Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Gun Fun

Friends, Paul and Lynn came up over Labor Day week-end and Paul brought guns- all sorts- to add to our paltry arsenal. Monday found us shooting, re-loading and shooting some more.
Pauls' #1 rule of shooting: Don't shoot the instructor.
Paul's #2 rule of shooting: Don't shoot the instructor.
Paul's #3 rule of shooting: Don't shoot the instructor.
Safety first. Ear wear, eye wear and a safety lesson.
Dr. Dh, Feeche and Cub were skeet shooting fools, hitting more than missing.
Skeet shooting victory!
Ground targets, including soda cans, shaken, and topping fence posts.
Bullets hitting metal posts make a very satisfying pinging noise!
Worth every minute trash retrieval.
Lots of shells and iced tea consumed and a great time had by all. Lynn and I did take turns (love that handgun!) and then I introduced quilter Lynn to the joys of Pinterest. Pretty good of me, eh?

All of this after 2 non-stop days of fun at Family Camp. Swimming, hiking, canoeing, crafting and friend time!
photo courtesy of Jannell!

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dawn said...

Love Cub's shirt *grin*

Sheryl said...

Skeet shooting is addictive!

It looks like everyone had a blast. Did they all collapse the next day? It sounds as if your weekend was exhausting.

LaughingLioness said...

Dawn- I grew up in Ohio and we still get tons of clothes from sil in Ohio. LOVE the Buckeyes!

Sheryl - oh, yeah! We did collapse. sunburns and exhaustion but it was the good kind of collapse.