Friday, May 25, 2012

Changing it Up


Murder Must Advertise

Read Murder Must Advertise by Sayers. Sayers worked in the world of copy (marketing) before turning to Lord Peter for her bread and butter and her commentary on the deception of the profession is an interesting and subtle one.  I'm running out of Lord Peter Wimsey books to read; Sayers only produced 11 of them before she turned her intellect and skill to more theological pursuits. Cruel punishment, that. I love how Sayers captures the period. It's much like reading Potok- I am familiar enough with the culture and the language that they write about, but unfamiliar enough that it stretches, challenges and intrigues.
Cub read through Treasure Island and has moved on to Tom Sawyer. Flower has been enthralled with the antics of Wilbur in Charlotte's Web and has declared Garth Williams her favorite illustrator ever! We are all enjoying Cheaper by the Dozen. I had a PaxRoMama moment and decided we'll all learn Morse code while we're at it, inspired by the intrepid Mr. Gilbreath.


The upstairs bathroom is tiled and re-painted. I LOVE it! We still have light fixtures to put in, the medicine cupboard to assemble, the door and trim but the One of the last massive jobs to finish. The doors, trim and the stairs are really the last of the *&% jobs and from there on out, it's just cosmetic. The stairs, oy vey. It's the living room stairs that are going to be the most challenging, and that mainly because of the trim and spindles.

The boys learning to grout. Fun times!

Speaking of stairs, KB and I have started on the basement stairs. We are going for a "crate" stair look that is going to segeuway into the basement with subway signs and Americana decor. We're going to flip the seating arrangement down there and at some point build built in shelves under the T.V. (dh doesn't know that yet- maybe the kids and Ana White can get er' done before he notices I've added yet another project!). Anyway, the stairs are sanded and we've started graffiti-ing them with stencils and paint close at hand. They should end up looking something like this:

The boys continue to make their way through Latin. Feeche is plugging along in Math and 1/2 chapter away from finishing Anatomy and Physiology. Our WWS group meets once a week and papers continue to be written amidst lots of laughs and, to be honest, some fits of hysteria (at our house anyway). Drama camp is next week and then we'll start our "Horse Camp" (meeting once a week to go through History of the Horse by Beautiful Feet.
History of the Horse INTPRISG.jpg
I am finalizing the list of "fun things 2 do for summer" for the kids- check back later this week if you want to see it!


The garden is putzing (except for the lettuce, isn't it beautiful?) In the ground are potatoes, cabbage, green beans, lettuce, spinach, parsley and a few tomatoes. I have a couple beds just sitting there and tons of seeds but between the rain and the wet it's been slow growing. I'll be kicking myself later in the summer if I don't get seeds in the ground. This week-end, eggplant, more tomatoes and basil. Promise.

Charlie Brown

For Flower and Cub who can't get enough of good ol' Charlie Brown. Watterson is still on the table (literally).

Calvin and hobbes

From Taste of Awesome
Childhood speeds by so fast, doesn't it?

How was your week?


Gillian said...

Your bathroom looks great! And the lettuce is just beautiful.

LaughingLioness said...

Thanks, Gillian!

My name is Tiffany said...

How great that the boys are learning to grout. The bathroom looks wonderful. I love those stairs. Your garden is inspiring, I keep putting it off but I am going to get a few buckets and do an above ground garden.