Saturday, April 21, 2012

Closing In on the End of the Year

This week felt like  a full and productive week of homeschooling. We have just a few weeks left of co-op, Landry Academy and Tutoring Center and will be wrapping up Latin, Greek, Pre-law, Copywriting, History, Creative Writing, Pre-Chem, and the younger girls writing (combo of IEW and WWE). We'll be finishing FF, WWS I, Alg II  in May and June.
Feeche is doing a mock trial for pre-law over the next 2 weeks and has been having a great time writing and arguing his case. The on-line classes have been a blast!
 My plan is to have finished The History of the Medieval World by then as well. We have about 80 pages left so I think it's do-able. There's been a lot packed into SWB's hefty tome and my goal for the notsolittles was to give a more comprehensive over-view than SOTW. They did recognize quite a bit from the hours of listening to SOTW that they've done. We've also been memorizing the orange VP cards (title and dates) and then the kids each take a card, read it, study it a bit and then I quiz them on their card. I love those VP cards. I just with their were add- ons (PaxRoMomma that I am).

Dh is working hard on our 2nd floor bathroom. It's been hydrobained twice, turning it a lovely shade of pea green. We have ordered tile. He has cut tile. We have spent a small fortune. It will be beautiful. We choose a 4 inch decorative strip called "Prairie Wheat" to off-set the simple pattern off-white tile we are doing the surround with. Can't wait to have a shower on the 2nd floor!!

October Baby
KB and I went to see October Baby last night. Great flick, well told story. Worth the price of admission to support family friendly movies, that aren't animated or just plain foolish.

Our car crisis's of last week have been taken care of and paid for. For the price we paid we could have taken a really nice family vacation at a resort somewhere exotic. Not that I don't love working vehicles.

Physics 2nd Ed. Exploring Creation with 2-Book Set
Don't forget to sign up for the Apologia Physics Textbook and DVD give-away! I am loving the fact that there are more and more resources for home-schooling high school these days!


Feeche had an absolute BLAST at Challenge last week. I love this part of Timothy Group's vision statement:
 "We combine specific armed forces training with Biblical teaching to forge an elite warrior for Christ."

This one's for Mae and KB ; )


My name is Tiffany said...

Seems like a productive week. I am curious about SWB's spines for the older grades. Sounds like your upstairs bathroom will be nice.

Teaching Stars said...

How are you enjoying History of the Medieval World? How does it compare to SOTW. Is it meant to be used for the second go around in the history cycle? Or third maybe?

Redradtech said...

I admire you. As it gets closer and closer to time for Victoria to go to school, I just want to home school her, but they do not live close enough to me to do so. She is such a free spirited soul, and loves everyone. I know school will crush her, but I can't do anything about it. I actually taught her to read the first Bob Book this week. It was a chore as she won't look at the words, just the pictures, so I made her a book with no pictures and made her use her fingers to follow the letters. She did great. She is very "active" and does not hold still or pay attention well. No good public school material. Oh well, I cannot control all that.