Sunday, April 18, 2010

Simple Goodness

Good Views
Jerusalem Alive. Live worship with Paul Wilbur from the land of Israel. We've been watching this for a decade. It is beautiful worship. Beautiful. Bless yourself and watch it.
"Super Sheep" - Ken Davis, communicator extraordinaire, speaks truth. His comedic timing is brilliant.
"The Other Side of Heaven" - a great Disney movie, based on a true story about a Mormon missionary. Good storytelling, good acting, good plot. If you don't have a heart for missions or the world, watch this.
"Billy, The Early Years" - an interesting take on Billy Graham's early adulthood and ministry. His commitment to the innerancy of the Bible, friendship and Jesus Christ shine. Billy Graham is, imho, one of our generations saints. This movie ended too soon.

Good Deals
Garage sale season has officially begun and we scored a pair of beautiful brass lamps today, shades and light bulbs included, along with super cool tennis shoes for Flower and shorts for Cub. Good thing, too, cause the notsolittles were still clomping around in snow shoes. We're now in "replace summer stuff" mode. We also hit a moving sale last week and found some easy chairs and a fire pit and deck chairs.

Good Food
Salad. Our speciality. Cause we lived in Southern California where salad is a meal, baby, and that's one thing (besides a couple degrees and extra kids) that we took away with us. Herbal salad mix, fresh cilantro, carrots, tomatoes, sauteed chicken with marinated mushrooms and pecans, topped with fresh Parmesan and balsamic vinaigrette. Summer on a plate. Which we ate outside at the fire pit, in our lovely deck chairs. The sun was shining. The salad was delish. Life is good.
2-4-1 Coffee at Caribou (I love having kids who treat = ). Mint Snowdrift. Yowza.
And Green Tea with Lemon Grass, bought in bulk and iced. Health with fragrance. I love Lemon Grass, it's lovely enough to make the Green part of the tea actually good.

Good Fun
Took a walk with Viking Man and KB around the park today. We've walked for miles together over the years (literally, it's always something we've done together). But since I hurt my knee, I haven't been able to walk. But today I walked and was still walking at the end of the day. Praise God!

Good Garden
We planned the garden and are going to go simple this year, but still get some basics in the ground. KB and I plan to plant today, while Viking Man spreads more kilz around the place and the kids play, play, play.

Good Learning
The family gift to Viking Man for Christmas was Rosetta Stone Hebrew. He's been studying Hebrew on his own, and was making good progress, but this program is just so darn cool, and super great that he is walking around speaking in complete paragraphs to us. Last week he got Cub hooked on it, and this week he slyly got Flower and I roped in. Flower asked today to "play the Hebrew game again." It is just so darn cool. Feche Boy asked if he could drop Latin and start Hebrew, but my draconian tendencies kicked in and the answer is "No." He'll have to wait to finish Latin or do both at once.

Lots to give thanks for. A blessed Sabbath!


Redradtech said...

Jerusalem Alive a great video for sure!!!!!

servingHimblind said...

So glad to hear your knee is better and you can walk again!!!! Oh no... Dad's SNEAKING people into wanting to learn Hebrew... I'm afraid for Summer Break!!! j/k. Love you!!